Below are two lists of external resources. The Downloadable Resources are reliable and effective resources and strategies for schools. They have been made available from the Victorian Department of Education and Training. The second tab is for other external Australian and international resources which may be useful to your practice.

Tools for Teachers

These presentations contain a broad range of slides on topics that fall within Relationships and Sexuality Education. They are designed for teachers to use within the classroom whereby they can select particular slides that best suit the needs of their students.

Sample units of work from SafeLanding Toolkit 2013

These documents contain a wealth of classroom activities for primary and secondary schools. A selection of activities from each unit have been updated, mapped to the Victorian Curriculum and can be downloaded from Section 5 of the portal.

Educator Guide: Young People Accessing Health Services

A video and accompanying educator guide to support education sessions on how to access a sexual health service, what occurs during consultation and the rights a young person has when accessing health care.

Fertility and Assisted Reproduction: Teaching Module for Primary and Secondary Schools, 2015

This module provides additional units of work focusing specifically on fertility, donor conception and assisted reproductive treatment for Levels 3–10.

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Visual education tools

Creating babies: A guide to methods of conception
Simple drawings with minimal text to assist teachers when explaining methods of conception.

Sexuality Illustrations
A series of line drawings to help teachers discuss life cycle changes, reproductive anatomy, conception, pregnancy and birth.

Contraception: An overview (Student’s Version)
Designed to introduce the topic of contraception and help students to understand the choices available to them.

Contraception: An overview (Teacher’s Version)

A – Z fact sheets

Over 50 titles with up-to-date information on reproductive and sexual health topics. Suitable as professional development reading for teachers or for classroom use with senior students.